Actions You Can Take

  1. Organize a community letter writing event
  2. Share updates on your social media
  3. Share community events discussing the LEAP pipeline with your network
  4. Buy and put up signs on your front lawn 
  5. Write to your legislators about your concerns and experiences regarding the LEAP pipeline. Suggestions of things to say or write to your legislators: 
    1. You oppose the ways the IEDC has gone about planning for taking billions of gallons of water from the Wabash watershed, when they had not done any studies on what effect doing so would have on the aquifers.
    2. You do not think it is a wise use of your tax dollars to possibly endanger the Wabash aquifer to benefit a small area of the state.
    3. There are multiple aquifers across the country that cannot recharge at the rate they are being depleted. But the people and businesses feel they cannot stop taking the amounts of water they are taking. Why would Indiana follow such bad policies?
    4. You support HB 1305-2024 and SB 249-2024, and want them to at least get a hearing in committee. Those bills were created in response to what the people want.
    5. You are watching what these representatives do, and you intend to vote for people who will protect water supplies, not endanger them. Again, if you wish to contact your own representatives as well as those listed above, you can find them here:  Enter your address to find your representative. Click on the person you want, to go to their page. Then click on “send email” (blue box to the left) to find all their contact information, including email address.