Granville Community

"Summer of 2023, without warning, INTERA pumped and dumped 2MG of potable water into the adjacent Wabash River for 6 days (12MG total), within 0.75mi of approximately 80 residents…For the first time ever, residents reported gravel in their filters, silt in their toilets, lowered water pressure and hydrogen sulfide odor. As usual, pre-existing summer agriculture irrigation ran; however, due to summer rain, they ran less than previous years.

The only notable change was the State's test pumping, managed by INTERA.

An INTERA field employee shared that the water table drawdown of 1.5ft was surprisingly more than expected, yet this did not make their executive summary. Neither did the study address why INTERA disregarded EPA standards for water disposal from our permeable unconfined alluvial aquifer (

"Water Disposal"

pg5). However, INTERA's expert hydrologist found the time to report the area irrigation to the DNR as the cause of residential harm, and then proceeded with their second test site in December 2023, after 3 months of groundwater recharge post summer irrigation needs.

DNR stated they would monitor residential wells; the DNR has yet to fulfill a single request."

-Granville Community