Heather Walsh

"My partner, Vince Lobello, and I live on S 700 W right near the Wabash River, and close to one of the test wells.

Soon after they started drilling, we had issues with our water.

The first issue was caused by a huge rust deposit that clogged the filter of our water softener, clogged our washing machine and dishwasher to the point where they stopped working, and caused our water to turn a deep red color.

Our pipes are plastic and could not be the cause of the amount of rust build up that occurred that day. That was the day we stopped drinking our tap water. I have included a photo of our water softener filter to show just how much rust went through our pipes due to the testing.

Not long after that, another instance occurred where water came out of the tap clear, but boiled red. If we had not stopped drinking the water, we could have unknowingly been drinking those deposits in our tap water the entire time.

On and off the smell of the water has been unbearable, it has completely dried out my hair, and the buildup on our skin from showering has caused us to breakout.

These things did not happen before the testing. Our water was clear, it was delicious, it was safe to drink and shower in. What we want to know is, if all of this has happened during the testing period, what is going to happen to our water next?"

-- Heather Walsh