Suggestions on How to Write to Your Representatives

  1.  Be polite and respectful. 
  2. Write to the people who represent you, including the governor.  If you can, write to the leadership at the state house.  Find your representatives here:
  3. Remind them that you are a voting constituent.
  4. Tell them personal reasons why you are opposed to this huge water transfer.  Some topics may be:
    1. Impacts on existing wells
    2. Lowering of property values
    3. Affect on the future of people, your family, in this area
    4. Dangers to the environment
    5. Changes to the flow of water in the aquifer that may pull pollutants into drinking water
    6. Lack of transparency of the IEDC
    7. History of huge water transfers out West and the damage caused to aquifers there
    8. Locating such a development in an area without enough water, when there are other areas of the state that could support it
    9. Taking water to benefit businesses while damaging home owners and farmers
  5. Tell them what you want them to do.
    1. Pass legislation to permit, monitor, and limit the amount of water taken, and to protect people and the aquifer.
    2. Slow down the planning and designing of the pipeline until a real, long-term study is done.
    3. STOP the IEDC from taking our water.
    4. You want them to hire third party hydrogeologists to conduct a peer review of the IFA study
  6. Make sure to print and sign your name.  Include your address for the most impact.
  7. Also...we ask that you consider emailing us a copy of your letter at for reference, as well as any response you receive from your representative.