Response 2024-05-13

We were made aware this afternoon that David Sanders has made some public allegations against the leadership of Stop The Water Steal.  Mr. Sanders claims that the leadership has "seized" control of the assets of the group and "paralyzed" its activities.  To the contrary, the officers in leadership of Stop The Water Steal have always controlled the assets, both monetary and electronic.  David  Sanders is not now, and never has been, an officer of the non-profit corporation behind Stop The Water Steal.  He had the idea behind creating the group, but he chose not to lead it.  We continue with our activities - selling signs to publicize the threat to our water, sending information to our supporters on what candidates have to say about water, and reaching out to potential allies even beyond the Wabash Valley.  

When it became clear that Mr. Sanders was going to continue saying he was the leader and creating events without consulting us, we chose to quietly distance ourselves from him.  In response, he has publicly made these spurious accusations.  We are sorry that he has chosen to direct his focus on human conflicts.  We hope that the community will instead focus on the serious threat that the IEDC and the LEAP project pose to our land, our water, and our way of life. 

Stop The Water Steal