Rebecca Schroeder

"We have lived in our home almost 3 years and have been amazed at our water pressure and quality of water; we have never had an issue with our water smelling like sulfur or any other issues until the pumping started summer 2023. We had no idea any testing was going on and started seeing black silt in our water, as well as a hydrogen sulfide smell. It lasted a few weeks and then was gone. We later found out that they were conducting a test pump just ¾ mile away and started hearing stories of other people who had issues with their water and realized this may be what had caused our issues.

We are very concerned about what this means for us if they decide to continue with this pipeline. We moved here to give a great life to our disabled daughter and hoped this would be her forever home. If we don't have good clean water, we won't be able to stay here but leaving may not be an option either since our home values are going to be affected. Who wants to buy a home that may not have a clean water source in just a few short years, knowing the Eli Lilly chemical plume contamination will be drawn toward this pipeline tap, and which has huge well pumps pumping just down the road all the time?"

-- Rebecca Schroeder, Granville Neighbor