Urge residents to write letters

Urge residents to write letters
Hand writing letter

"Stop the Water Steal" advocates for independent scientific evaluations and stronger legislative protections against large-scale water transfers, emphasizing bipartisan unity and persistent strategic advocacy to safeguard the Wabash Valley watershed.

  1. Urgent Call for Independent Review: "Stop the Water Steal" advocates strongly for an independent third-party evaluation by expert hydrogeologists to assess the long-term impacts of the proposed LEAP Lebanon water pipeline on the Wabash Valley watershed. This ensures that any decisions are based on unbiased and comprehensive scientific data, protecting the region's water resources.
  2. Legislative Setbacks and Mobilization: Despite the recent legislative setback where two critical bills aimed at regulating large water transfers were not heard, "Stop the Water Steal" is using this as a rallying point. They encourage the community to amplify their voices through more organized and louder opposition, showing a proactive stance against potential overexploitation of the water resources.
  3. Bipartisan Unity and Focus on Water: The group highlights its nonpartisan approach, emphasizing that the preservation of water transcends political divides. This unity is pivotal as it underscores the universal importance of water to all community members, irrespective of political affiliation.
  4. Need for Strengthened Protections: The proposed bills (House Bill 1305 and Senate Bill 249) sought to enhance existing legal protections for water users, with mechanisms for more robust oversight and potential compensation in case of adverse impacts from large-scale water withdrawals. This indicates a move towards more resilient and responsive water management policies that "Stop the Water Steal" supports.
  5. Continuous Advocacy and Strategy: Reflecting on the ongoing legislative challenges, "Stop the Water Steal" is committed to continuous strategic planning and advocacy. They emphasize the need for flexibility and responsiveness in their approach, highlighting their commitment to keeping the public informed and engaged in the fight to safeguard their water resources.

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