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    • Advocate for a truly independent third party evaluation by expert hydrogeologists. They should have at least ten years of experience to determine the potential impact the proposed LEAP-Lebanon water pipeline might have upon the Wabash Valley watershed. This includes the Wabash Alluvial Aquifer, Wabash River, and the Teays Aquifer. We will then request that they share their full, un-redacted results with the public. We also will advocate that the testing/monitoring is comprehensive and long-term.
    • Collaborate with local officials and state legislators to enact proactive water rights laws:
      • to protect our water resources
      • to ensure the water quality, supply, and availability to Wabash Valley regional residents and businesses are unaffected by the LEAP water pipeline 
      • to prevent similar special interests projects going forward
    • If necessary, determine and execute actionable strategies to stop the pipeline and empower Indiana taxpayers to do the same.

Stop the Water Steal Executive Committee 

President, Sandra Alvillar 

Founder and Chair, David Sanders 

Secretary, Noemi Ybarra 

If you would like to volunteer with our organization, please email info@stopthewatersteal.org